Swimming Pool Safety Covers – What you need to know

bayleisure2One of the main aspects to keep in mind when owning a swimming pool is safety, especially those with younger family members & pets. 

A Safety cover is your best bet, for peace of mind, whilst the pool is not in use. 

Other beneficial aspects include:

  • Heat retention purposes
  • Preventing water evaporation
  • Chemical loss
  • Keeping debris out of the pool

Most safety covers are made from sturdy, high strength PVC reinforced fabric, easily being able to withstand, a fall from an adult. 

On average, most have a warranty of 7-10 years. 

Indoor pool benefits: 

  • Think of it like placing a lid on the swimming pool, once installed it would immediately reduce humidity and condensation levels, reducing overall running costs. 

Outdoor pool benefits: 

  • Swim all year round whatever the weather!
  • Help sustain pool water temperature overnight
  • Reduces the chance of algae growth taking place 

Broadly speaking, An installation of a safety cover can reduce chemical consumption up to 50% and water loss via evaporation by up to 95%. Therefore, turning your pool into a passive solar collector!

Options with safety covers: 

Automatic and Manual roller options, for opening and closing the cover. 

Choose to have the cover, above or below ground. Either option, will be paired with the appropriate tracking (this is where the cover fixes into, the tracking runs either side of the pool and enables the cover to run back and forth the entirety of its length).

Tracking options include: 

  • A ’flush track’ or ‘surface track’ (both above ground options)
  • ‘In-wall tracking’ (is paired with the option of housing the cover below ground) 

Different colours available to suit any style of swimming pool

Cover Customization for any size and shape

Some final recommendations:  

With outdoor swimming pools, especially in the U.K., a cover pump is mandatory and should be running most of the time, to pump off any accumulation of rain water that occurs. 

We highly recommend an annual service on any safety cover and roller to ensure everything is working the way it should. 

Give us a call – Bay Leisure works with several different leading manufacturers to ensure that you get the best and most suitable swimming pool safety cover for your pool.

True fact…Bay Leisure recently installed the largest safety cover in the UK!

We also have the a ability to produce custom design drawings and perform ground works necessary, when and where needed.

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We are more than happy to answer any further questions you might have.


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