Swimming Pool Heating


Bay Leisure can recommend how to improve your existing system to make it more energy efficient

Bay Leisure can access your existing heating system and can then recommend how we can improve your existing system to make it more energy efficient by introducing more controls or by replacing it completely with a new more energy efficient heating system that will heat your pool or spa more effectively and at the same time reducing running costs.

Bay Leisure install the latest Gas and oil condensing boilers which comply with new building regulations which need to be met when installing any new boiler.

Installing a new condensing boiler can save you between 20-25% on running costs. Bay Leisure also installs Heat pumps that are cheaper than gas or oil boilers to run and are very reliable.

Solar Systems are now becoming more popular and can be installed either as the sole heat source or running along side existing or new oil or gas system.

Here are some recent projects

German solar system installed in Torquay, without any other heating system, solar field kept pool temperature at around 28-30 degrees during season of 2009. Solar system is controlled by solar controller which only sends the pool water around solar field when pool water will get a rise in temperature. System comes with three way valve so normal filtration takes place even when the sun is not shining.

New Gas condensing pool boiler installed neat Totnes that’s not only heats the outdoor pool but also the clients Greenhouse and supplies hot water for a shower. Bay Leisure installs All Gas condensing boilers including Certikin genie condensing boilers.

Bay Leisure who of Oftec registered (oil), can supply install and commission oil boilers for Domestic heating and swimming pool use. Bay Leisure installs Certikin oil boilers, Grant, firebird and Worcester. This system installed by Bay Leisure in Tavistock

Calorex heat pump installed in Paignton. Heat pumps remove energy from the air and boost it 3-5 times and then input this energy to the circulating pool water.

Calorex heat pumps come with 2 year parts and labour warranties. Bay Leisure install Calorex heat pumps for both domestic and commercial clients.