Swimming Pool Covers


Bay Leisure install automatic safety covers for both domestic and commercial customers.

We work throughout Torquay, Torbay, Exeter, Plymouth and Tavistock. Our safety covers work via a hydraulic pack and come with excellent 5 and 10 year warranties on all the equipment.

The covers themselves come with many different colour options and options to run the covers under the copings or on the surround deck. Bay Leisure have installed safety covers on many existing pools. Bay Leisure also service and repair existing covers. See some of our recent projects below.

Safety Cover – Teignmouth

Installed a new pit behind the existing pool which housed the new roller and safety cover. Pit housing was covered with Stainless steel lintel and hardwood decking.

Safety Cover fitted by Bay Leisure near South Brent

This safety cover where the roller is located in a pit behind the pool, is controlled remotely or manually via a key switch or hand held control.

Commercial pool near Torquay

Safety cover fitted on commercial pool near Torquay. This safety cover was fitted by Bay Leisure.

Slatted Cover near Totnes

Slatted Cover fitted by Bay Leisure near Totnes. Cover is operated by an internal key switch in the client House.