Genie Condensing boiler 35kw

Genie Condensing boiler 35kw

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The Certikin genie range of gas condensing pool heaters is one of the worlds only condensing pool boiler.

The Genie pool boiler is available in two sizes, both models come with the new type of heat exchanger and are the new S models. This model is the  35kw MB35S. for pools upto 30ft by 15ft . To order boiler please scroll down and add to cart the number of boilers you require. You then need to decide your flue arrangement.

If situated inside, either choose a vertical or horizontal terminal . Please choose also if required, number of 90 degree bends or 45 degree bends and number of one metre lengths of flue, if extra pipe is required.

The genie boiler is able to be situated outside , in which case you need an outdoor terminal.

You are able to have a total vertical flue length of 15metres if needed. Please ring if you have a long run of flue that is needed.

The boiler has connections for pool pipe 1.5inch, with a choice of either side of the unit. Boiler will only work if there is pool water flow around the boiler as a safety feature.

The boiler is condensing and 97% efficient, you will reduce your running costs by approx 20%.

The boiler is also 40kg in weight and can be mounted on the wall with wall mount bracket which is available in the flueing options.All prices include Vat and delivery. This boiler comes with one year manufacturers warranty.


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