Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers

Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers


A heat exchanger is used to indirectly heat the pool water via a more economically priced form of boiler such as those used for heating houses. These heat exchangers are perfect for heating swimming pools, Koi ponds and for transferring heat from solar heating systems. These systems are generally linked to household boilers or a dedicated boiler to heat the water, therefore pool and pond heating can be implemented at a much cheaper price than using a stand alone water heating system. We have found that this method of heating is generally more economical to install and longer warrenties are generally found on these products.

All pool heating systems work more efficiently when a pool cover is used to help insulate the pool whilst it is being heated, therefore the warm up time needed to bring the pool up to a set temperature is much lower and energy consumption less.

Please note that your heat exchanger should be sized according to your swimming pool capacity, situation and boiler output. Please contact the Bayleisure team if you require help with determining size of boiler and heat exchanger.

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