Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Bay Leisure can help you choose and specify the ideal environmental system for your Swimming pool hall, from small dehumidifiers to large Calorex delta units , Bay Leisure can provide project anaylsis sheets for your swimming pool project, once we have the physical measurements we can work out exactly what you need to provide the perfect environment for your swimming pool hall. Please call or email the Bay Leisure Team. Bay Leisure supply and install systems for domestic and commercial applications. Pricing for Ducted systems are also catered for.Bay leisure install heating and ventilation systems throughout the south west of england.

Swimming pool dehumidifiers include , wall mounted vaporex dehumidifiers, floor mounted monitair dehumidifier and dehumidifiers for spas and homes. ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY

The installation of Swimming pool dehumidifidiers and Swimming pool heat and ventilation systems are also carried out by Bay Leisure. Please ring the Bay leisure team for any advice or furthwer information needed on 01803 529736

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Vaporex - Wall Mounted
Calorex - Induct AA300L
Monitair - Floor Mounted