Indux 1 Ducted Heat Recovery Unit (HR500D)

Indux 1 Ducted Heat Recovery Unit (HR500D)

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The Indux 1 Ducted (now known as the HR500D) is a self-contained unit with integral extract and supply fans to provide balanced ventilation and heat recovery via supply diffusers and extraction grilles. The unit is fully speed controllable.

The compact heat recovery cube interleaves outgoing warm air with incoming fresh air and allows the heat from one to warm the other without the two streams mixing. Energy is saved on room heating with no power being used by the cube itself.

Performance of HR500D: Supply and extract up to 625m³/h FID capacity on heat recovery mode. Ideal for offices, computer rooms, pubs and clubs, etc.

  • Self contained unit with integral fans.
  • Up to 70% heat recovery.
  • Compatible with 200, 250 and 315mm Dia, ducting and accessories.
  • External wall mountable.
  • Compatible with HR500speed controller.

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