Bay Leisure have over 20 years experience designing and building all types of new swimming pools and spas.

We construct and provide servicing of swimming pools and spas for both private and commercial clients in Torbay,Exeter and Plymouth areas. Our mission is to make dreams come true, the dream of having your own pool, which we can build in your garden, or even beneath your house. Your own pool would give you your own luxurious area for relaxing and exercising in the privacy of your own home.

Bay Leisure are Spata registered which means that every new pool is covered by a Spata bond and warranty .

Outdoor Tiled Swimming pool near Totnes

Pool was built in a difficult position where access was restricted and existing boundary walls needed to be underpinned. Tiles are Waxmans blue blend ceramic tiles. Pool was built with offset built in to retain the old potting shed which we had to rebuild and is now used to house the plantroom equipment. The pool is heated via a conventional Baxi combi boiler where the pool temperature is controlled automatically via a digital thermostat. The boiler also provides hot water for a shower and heats the existing greenhouse. Client requested an automatic roller and cover which is operated via a key switch.

Luxury indoor private pool in Torquay

Luxury indoor private pool in Torquay. Indoor pool complete with LED underwater lights and pool water kept at a constant 90 degrees F temperature. Health suite built complete with energy saving Calorex environmental system. Luxury indoor private pool in Torquay,luxury indoor pool with inground spa and Tiled outdoor pool for summer use.

Outdoor Liner pool built in Torquay

New outdoor Liner pool built in Torquay with surround landscaping. Pool is fitted with a plain blue Certikin liner with roman key design around top perimeter. Client requested easy access into the pool with a Roman end step unit fitted.

Designed and built a hydrotherapy pool

Built for a client in Paignton with severe MS. Client requested a deep pool so that full mobility is achieved when exercising and that the water could be kept at body temperature. The client is now more mobile and sleeps easier.

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