Exercise Pools

Bay Leisure design, supply and install exercise pools. Exercise pools are small pools with counter current devices at the end of the pool. Exercise pools can be standard model design or if a client has specific needs we have built many pools to a bespoke design. Exercise pools can be built indoor or outdoors.

Due to their modest size , costs are reduced dramatically compared to normal pools and running costs are kept to a minimum especially as all our new exercise pools are now insulated and all have energy efficient heating.

Investing in an exercise pool gives you many health benefits in the privacy of your own home.

Let us create a better, fitter lifestyle for you. Tel: Bay Leisure on 01803529736

Exercise pool built near Salcombe

Pool included a bespoke wooden sunsoka pool 7 metres by 3 metres with all patterned mosiac liner. Pool was built on a sloping site, therefore a wooden deck was installed to create surrounds of pool. Telescopic baby dome enclosure was installed to cover the pool when desired. Main counter current unit was Fastlane unit with variable speed remote control. Pool is heated with Heat pump and solar gain from enclosure.

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Exercise Pool built within a conservatory

Client required counter current unit for swimming against and for massage. Pool is heated with a Firebird oil boiler. All filtration fittings are Certikin made. Pool is a liner pool and water is filtered via a Certikin side mount atika sand filter.

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